The Structure of Duhok Polytechnic University
Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU) is the only TECHNICAL public university in Duhok Governorate. Started as the Duhok Technical Institute (DTI) in 1988 in Duhok City, followed by establishing other campuses as six neighboring districts, namely Akre, Amedi, Bardarash, Shingal, Shekhan and Zakho.
In 2012, the Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU) was inaugurated to include eight Technical Institutes (TI) and four Technical Colleges (TC) including: TC of Engineering in Duhok, TC of Health in Shekhan, Akre Technical College and TC of Administration. Though, DPU consists of four Technical Colleges and eight Technical Institutes with 48 Departments.

1- Technical Colleges:
1-1- Technical College of Engineering: established 2013 to complete the DPU's need for the engineering staff and students who are graduating from the Technical Institutes Departments and make the chances available in the fields of Highways and Bridges, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. According to our survey in Duhok zone it has been seen that ≈84% of the engineering government offices and private sectors need these two specializations. In addition to the above mentioned two departments, the Department of Petrochemical Engineering is opened in 2015. The time period of the study is four years and the students award B.Sc. in Technical Engineering.

1-2- Technical College of Administration: This college was established in the city of Duhok in 2013 as one of the most important administrative colleges that is concerned with the technical education in Kurdistan region/ Iraq to be compatible with the worldwide scientific and technical progress and other modern applications of technology and also to understand the developments that occurred in business environment and its administrative fields. The college awards B.A in administrative and technical science, and the time period of the study is four years. The graduate will become an administrative technician. The College consists of the following departments:
  • Department of Information Technology 
  • Department of Accounting and Finance 
  • Department of Electronic Journalism 
1-3- Technical College of Health in Shekhan: established in 2013-2014 to educate the next generation of health technology and the possibility for technology to aid the health
science and industry. The Technical College of Health is up to the challenge, providing the students with the skills needed to manage and lead in the important growing of medicine and technology. It will enrich the District and its surroundings with the growing need for well-educated professionals in the health technology and the advancement of clinical practices. The Departments of the TC Health- Shekhan are:
  • Community Health 
  • The graduated students will be awarded the B. Sc in Health Technology. 
1-4- Technical College of Akre: as one of the biggest Districts of Duhok Governorate and the nonstop calls of the officials as well the needs of the whole area to providing the students coming from the high schools with the necessity of such, the decision of opening the TC Akre is released in 8-Jun 2014 from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with two Departments:
  • Information Technology and,
  • Horticulture. 
The period of study is four years and the students award the B. SC in IT or Horticulture. 

2-Technical Institutes: 
2-1 Technical Institutes of Duhok: The Technical Institute of Duhok is the first founded institute in Duhok which was establish in 1988 though considers the core for opening the same institutes in Duhok Governorate's Districts. 
It comprises from the following Departments: 
  • Mechanics 
  • Surveying 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Community Health 
  • Information Technology 
  • Midwifery 
  • Prosthodontics dentistry 
  • Road Construction 
2-2 Technical Institutes of Zakho: Zakho Technical Institute was established in (2002- 2003) and considered as the first Higher Education center in Zakho. It helped Zakho District and area to pinpoint different people and staff to join the institute and was able to prepare a scientific staff to work in all governmental sections in Duhok region while particularly in Zakho. The T.I. of Zakho comprises of eight Departments: 
  • Banking Management 
  • Medical Laboratory Technology 
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering 
  • Electrical Power 
  • Information Technology 
  • Nursing 
  • Petroleum 
  • Surveying 
2-3 Technical Institutes of Akre: it established in 2000 as an urgent need for the observed growth of the area and its necessary requirements to cover the lacks the area in need for the holders of this certificate. The foundation of the institute was a factor to develop the area scientifically, academically and culturally. It comprises from the following five Departments: 
  • Horticulture 
  • Information Technology 
  • Surveying Department 
  • Total Quality Management 
  • Nursing 
2-4 Technical Institutes of Amadiye: As a district, Amediye is the biggest district in Duhok Governorate with the biggest number of sub-districts. The establishment of the T.I. of Amediye in 2004 was a fretful step to overcome the necessities of the area and people as well to cover the requirements and enrich it with the graduate ones. The nature of this District is very rich and considers the best area for tourism. The Institute consists of the following five Departments: 
  • Tourism Management 
  • Marketing Management 
  • Information Technology 
  • Medical Laboratory Technology 
  • Animal Resources 
2-5 Administrative Technical Institutes of Duhok: The Administrative - Technical Institution was attached to the technical institute in dohuk city which was founded in 1988.In 2010 the administrative technical institute was independent and subsequent to Erbil Technical Teaching Association and then it was subordinated to Duhok technical university in 2011. The Institute consists of the following five Departments: 
  • Business Administration 
  • Administrative Information System 
  • Journalism 
  • Business Administration/ evening 
  • Administrative Information System/ evening 
2-6 Technical Institutes of Shekhan: Shekhan or Ayn Sifni or as its people like it call the city of peaceful coexistence and brotherly attitude, is a wide plane area that it has many shrines in the Islamic religion and the Yazidi this made Ottoman government name this area as Shekhan proportion to Mazari (Shikhadi and Sheikh Hassan). 

Duhok Polytechnic University

The experts says that Shekhan area is very rich in natural resources (such as oil and natural gas.The number of residents district Shekhan (110 860) person. Shekhan a beautiful city and there are many archeological places  and holy places , like (khinis),(Jiroana), Mazar (Sheikh Nooruddin Albraivkane) and Temple (for Lalish). Though with the above furnished resources, the establishment of the Technical Institute in 2006 was a decision to add scientific value to the area, and it consists of the following Departments: 
  • Information Technology 
  • Accounting 
2-7 Technical Institutes of Bardarash: this District with its all diversity in ethnics and religion as well the immigrants was in urgent need for an institute as for the noticeable growth of the area and surroundings especially since 2013 required it for an institute to graduate students of this area and make best use of its outcome, though the Technical Institute establish in 2009 to overcome the needs and facilitate the area. It consist of the following three Departments: 
  • Business Administration 
  • Information Technology 
  • Nursing 
2-8 Technical Institutes of Shingal: Izides, Muslims, and Christians are living in this important part with harmony. The people demand that attention be paid to the city‘s cultural, commercial, and industrial aspects in addition to its geographical borders that serve as a dividing line amongst some neighboring states. So a part from the issue of the carefulness of the governorate of Duhok was the establishment of the Technical Institute in 2013 to enrich the area with further awareness in education and science. The institute consists of the following two Departments: 
  • Accounting 
  • Nursing