About The University

About Duhok Polytechnic University:

Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU) is committed to be a vital resource for individuals, families, businesses, and to reach beyond the campus to make our city, our region, our nation and our world better places to live, learn, work and grow. Community service is one of the core values of DPU and an essential part of its’ life, enthusiastically supported by University leadership and will be practiced by staff, students and hopefully alumni, providing them with a chance to give back to the city we call home.
Community service is about bringing the needs of our society to the surface, addressing their identified issues and providing eligible employees/students to contribute in building and sustaining meaningful service initiatives. This engagement in the process of creating university-community partnerships should be reliable, sustainable, effective, and of mutual benefit. Students can strengthen their own social, communication, and educational skills by participating and contributing to the betterment of their community.

DPU will focus on the following key areas of community-oriented projects, events, and activities, such as healthcare, surveying, highways and bridges, mechanic, media, IT, English language, athletics and public awareness (environmental concerns, renewable energy, peace building etc). 

Preparing efficient technical graduates and researchers with distinct levels of knowledge and technological innovation to achieve the international standards of quality assurance in accordance with the labor market needs in public and private sectors. 

Be a leading university in polytechnic education, training and research, and working for the development of Kurdistan Region- Iraq. 
  1. Providing technical education to people of Kurdistan Region and Iraq in general. 
  2. Keeping up with the latest achievements and developments in the fields of science and technology. 
  3. Preparing technical professionals in various fields to fulfill market needs and help achieve scientific, economic and social development goals. 
  4. Strengthening scientific research focusing on community needs and problems. 
  5. Improving work and educational environment of the university. 
  6. Strengthening mutual cultural and academic relations with national and international institutions. 
  7. Promoting postgraduate education in various technical fields. 
  8. Improving quality in academic programs and organizational management